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Discount Policy

Discount policy of the company is totally aligned with terms and condition of the company and also trigger the effects of Refund Policy. Discount Policies will regulate the terms of use of discount provided by the company time to time.

Discount Policy will manifestly portray the cash discount or cash back on the listed product/services of the company time to time and hence any other item out of the purview of the website may not include effect of Discount Policy of the company. It is advisable to our patronage users to keep themselves updated with discount policy of the company in order to better usage of availing discount on our Product.

Terms of Use
• Discounts coupon will be the property of the Company and shall only be used for availing fixed percentage of discount mentioned in the Coupon.
• Discounts Coupon will be valid on the specific Product/Service, mentioned in the Coupon and excludes any other product or item that are not included in the purview of the aforesaid coupon.
• Usage of Discount Policy shall be limited to the time period mentioned in the coupon and any claim of Discount Entitlement after the lapse of the aforesaid time period will not be entertained by the Company.
• Discount Price subject to the Maximum Price limit set forth for availing discount regarding the Product or fixed Percentage entailing upon the Maximum Retail price.
• Any Product list in the Discount Zone will be out of warranty or Refund Policy of the company.
• Discount Price or Percentage is Subject to the variation of the stock.
• Discount Price may differ from item to item depending upon the market demand of the company.
• Discount Price at the Time of Intractable situation may be wiped of totally by the Management.
• Discount Price promulgated in above mentioned points are not perennial and its issuance depends upon the demand of the market.
• Management intentions in providing Discounts are salubrious for people rather than clearance of any outdated and junk product.
• Discount Coupons of the company are nontransferable and shall be only be used by valid authority.
• Discount Coupons or price are Homogenous in terms of same category of the product irrespective of the fact that it has been displayed in different subheads.
• Any changes or modification in the Discount coupon will be with approbation of the key management team in align of Discount policy.
• Management reserves all right of withdrawing Discount facility depending upon the nature of the market.
• Discount can be in nature of price discount on the purchasing product or directing to be used in the Future Purchase.

Exclusivity on the Use Of Coupon
It is Pertinent to mention in context of the above mentioned Discount Policy the Exclusivity of the issued Discount coupon will be confined to the usage in regard to Discount catalogue and any other use of the Discount Coupon shall mitigate the liability of the company to provide any sort of price relaxation on and over Maximum Retail Price .

Any illegal and misuse of the company issued Discount Coupon will amount to strict Disciplinary and legal action against the said imposter .
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