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How does PlanForEvents.Com function?
PlanForEvents.Com is an easy to use online shopping platform for all your event services and products. The portal helps you create and design your own event as per your budgets and detailing. Step by Step process to create event is:
Select Category -> Choose Product -> Add to Cart -> Continue Shopping (If Required) -> Place Order -> Fill Details -> Fill in Event Details -> Select Payment Mode->YOU HAVE PLACED YOUR ORDER

Hurray !! You have created your event, Hours Job done in minutes.


How much time before the start of my event,décor will be completed?
Your Décor will be ready by the time you have mentioned while placing the order.

How much time before the start of my event,artist ordered will arrive?
Artist will be at the venue at least 15 mins prior to the event time mentioned while placing order.

Do I need to communicate with you or you will provide me numbers of the vendor who will be coming and doing the work?
We believe you should be busy enjoying your event, you will have to just place the order, rest all the Job for the complete order placed is ours.

How will my gift, cake or Flower Bouquet delivered?
Your gift, cake or flower bouquets will be delivered as per the specifications highlighted by you in remarks while placing the order

Will there be any person to look after things?
We will have our trained staff at your event until completion, subject to kind/type of service ordered.


Why do I need to create my account?
A valid account is needed to help you effortlessly place, track your order status, make relevant changes and also earn reward points on your next event. It saves your time in a long run as you will not have to fill in the same details every time when you place the order.

Is it necessary to have an account to shop on PlanForEvents.Com?
No, you can place order as a guest also.

Products & Orders

I see different prices for the same products/services and multiple times ? Why?
PlanforEvents.com is an e-commerce marketplace where different vendors register and list their products according to their costing and services. Hence , there might be chances that the same product might have varied price range depending on the vendor.

Can I customize my decoration?
Yes you customize the color of any kind of decoration, please mention the changes in remarks section.

Can I order any product less than minimum quantity?
No. Minimum quantity mentioned is the average quantity which are required to do basic décor in the smallest place possible.

How much time it will take to décor or get ready things?
It depends on the décor selected, our team will call you to confirm the time details once the order is received.

What I need to do if I don’t find product/service which I need ?
Please post your requirement on the link "Find My Product" on the right side of page, once we receive it, our product team will study and will get the product/service uploaded on website. Link for the same will be sent over to you on email/SMS and you can place the order there. Please do upload the picture as it will make our job easier.

What I need to do if I don’t find services as per my satisfaction?
We at PlanForEvents.Com try to serve you with best of our ability, to bridge the gap between expectation and deliverable we have provided pictures with exact specifications/details on everything be it the décor. But in any of the case you hold all the right not to accept the final service before the start of event. Refund will be applicable as mentioned in the policy.

What is the shelf life of balloons?
PlanForEvents.Com does not guarantee the shelf life of balloon but usually balloons last for 3-5 Hours, in an open area under sun the shelf life goes down to 1-2 Hours

How would I know what’s the quantity of balloon’s I have to place order for?
Minimum Quantity which we feel is required is around 500, but to vet, please order basis the capacity of place, that would be 5 balloons per person that means, if the capacity of your banquet is 100, order 500 balloons (100*5). For more clarity you can call at our helpline 0124-6990060

I am confused on how to design and what to order on my child’s 1st birthday party. Can you help ?
All the services/products related to Birthdays are uploaded on the website in different sections such as décor, accessories, artist etc. Please go to Category Birthday -> Select Sub Category-> Select Pre Sub Category-> Select Product-> Add to cart-> Continue shopping (Do it till the time you add on all the services/products required) -> Place Order-> Select Payment Option. You can plan your package as per your budget and requirement.


How do I pay for any purchase made on PlanForEvents.Com?
You can pay via 2 options which are available presently:
a) Cash
b) Cheque
We are currently on streamlining and accepting Online payment options, and will keep you posted once the new version is LIVE.

What kind of payment options are available?
As soon as you place order you will get 3 options, Paying 50%, 75% or 100% in advance, you can choose either of them to proceed ahead. For any order less then 2500 INR, only 100% advance payment option is available.

Why do I need to pay in Advance?
In the event industry, taking Advance serves as booking confirmation about the event, hence it is collected.

How will I get the confirmation about the money given ?
As soon as you handover the money (Cash/Cheque), you will be receive a confirmation via SMS and Mail. Advance receipt will be come along with the Mail also.

Are there any extra charges like decoration charges, transportation charges and service tax?
No Extra Charges, All the charges are included in the cost mentioned on screen.

Every online company provides Cash on delivery, why don’t you ?
We are a service company operating in events, the care and concern required to organize any event is very on a high pitch. We have to be assured of the event because immense manual effort goes in pre preparation of anything you order on website, parallel customer also wants to be free of mind for any of his/her upcoming event by giving advances and confirming & not delaying it till last moment to be delivered.

How can I write reviews ?
Reviews on PlanForEvents.Com help consumers to select services, you can only write reviews of product / services which you have used. As soon as the event is completed you will receive a mail/SMS from PlanForEvents.Com which would ask you to rate and write review. Please do upload your photograph there. Please note review should not carry any promotional content and should just be based on your experience in using our services/products.

Selling on PlanForEvents.Com

How do I sell my products/services on PlanForEvents.Com

Follow step by step process:
Step 1 – Register yourself in vendor zone
Step 2 – Our Risk team will analyze your profile
Step 3 – Register your products online
Step 4 – Our audit team will approve your product
Step 5 – Your product goes live and it starts selling
Step 6 – As soon as any order is received you will be automatically intimated.

Note - “The images on the website are randomly picked by our vendors and us and doesn’t mean to websate any conflicts over copy rights. Please do write us at contactus@planforevents.com if any of the copy righted image is there on website. We will take it down with in 24 Hrs”

PFE Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


PFE Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



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